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#nofilter is an explosive and entertaining dance piece exploring social media and mental health. Comedic and relevant- the piece is aimed at young people aged 11-24. A fast paced series of images, movement and dialogue explore the curious and fantastical traits of our online personas, with just a small helping of kale. #nofilter is available for performances in schools and colleges across the UK.

Funded by Arts Council England

Supported by The Point, University of Chichester, Blue Elephant Theatre, Arts University Bournemouth

Originally created through GradLab Commission Project

β€œThe teacher in me sees the amazing potential for #nofilter as a brilliant stimulus for discussion and reflection on social media, relationships and mental health in schools. #nofilter is a fantastically entertaining piece, performed brilliantly, that makes you laugh, squirm and think in equal measure.”

Claire Roderick

#nofilter unpacks some of the bizarre ideals and perfectionism that has become norm on social media and popular culture. #nofilter explores how these pressures are affecting our mental health. Changing the way we view ourselves and others.

#nofilter is available for touring to Secondary schools, colleges and community settings. Designed to fit in with the National PSHE curriculum.

Workshops have been developed which partner #nofilter. Available to schools and colleges.

Hilarious- such a current and important piece of dance
— Audience member
Relevant, challenging and insightful.
— Audience member
Unnervingly accurate- #nofilter really made me think
— Audience member
So refreshing! Made me question my relationship with social media
— Audience member