Avocado on toast. Cankle insecurity. Buzzfeed obsession. Consider yourself a millennial? 

A fast paced series of images, movement and dialogue ponder the curious and fantastical traits of millennial life. Bright, zesty and at times touchingly tender, #nofilter brings our performative online personas to the performative stage setting with just a small helping of kale.

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It cannot be denied that #nofilter is an entertaining and on point representation of the millennial lifestyle, but still has a subtle, deeper message that lies beneath #nailedit
— Spy in the Stalls

#nofilter unpacks some of the bizarre ideals and perfectionism that has become norm on social media and popular culture. #nofilter explores how these pressures are affecting our mental health. Changing the way we view ourselves and others.

Photo by Lidia Crisafulli

Photo by Lidia Crisafulli

Satirical and self-aware piece about millennials and their obsession with their social media persona
— LondonDance.com

#nofilter is now available for touring to Secondary schools, colleges and community centres. Dance and mental health workshops are also available which partner the professional work, #nofilter.

Hilarious- such a current and important piece of dance
— Audience member
Unnervingly accurate- #nofilter really made me think
— Audience member
Relevant, challenging and insightful.
— Audience member
So refreshing! Made me question my relationship with social media
— Audience member

#nofilter has been supported by Arts Council England National Lottery Project Grants. #nofilter is also supported by The Point, University of Chichester, Arts University Bournemouth and Blue Elephant Theatre, Camberwell. #nofilter was originally commissioned by GradLab project 2017.